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Buy Thai airborne wing from Lopburi Province

Getting to know about Thai military airborne badge.
Airborne student who graduate from the Basic Airborne Course of Special Warfare School will have the right to get this badge the symbol that similar to the bird's wing and stand for ability of  flying in the air.
The parachute is a symbol of Airborne with clearly tell its meaning itself.
Another important symbol is triple headed elephant with stand for the God of the air in Thai belief and trust.
Currently,there are 2 active airborne school for Royal Thai Army one is Airborne school at Infantry school ,Infantry Center ,PrajuebKirikhan Province and another is special warfare school ,Special force Center, Lopburi Province.
Each airborne school may open about 2-4 courses per year depends on the budget and support.
The range of the course is 5 weeks course and the training will be divided into 3 parts as follows.
The classroom lecture will present all student about the basic knowledge of Airborne ,aircraft,parachute ,and related subjects.
The Ground training will be a 5 rotation stations by divided into small group to train about how to jump from the aircraft such as 34 feet tower jump,2-4 feet landing ,Fix and error minimize ,etc.
The PT will be conducted in the early morning before breakfast and in the afternoon before dinner. Most of the PT will involve running to increase the leg's strength and endurance.
The last week will be a conduct of parachute jump from either Chinook Helicopter or C-130 from Royal Air Forces.
To pass and graduate the course the student must complete 5 jumps include 1 night jump equip with weapon and rucksack.
Two type of the badge the metal badge and the cloth badge.
The metal one is more colorful and look elegant to fix on the official dress on the left chest above the pocket whereas the cloth also fix on the same spot but with the BDU.
Thing to know:
About Royal Thai Airborne Wing the city of Lopburi is well known for the Home of Airborne in Thailand and so the shop and the local worker who fascinate and love the neat job of doing the Airborne Badge for Thai military is must come from Lopburi ,say the original and trust one must from Lopburi,Thailand.
And if you are looking for a gift or souvenir for someone you wish to give them I can help you with this issue I don't have stock and I am not the seller I am an active Thai Airborne soldier who live in Lopburi and I am the author of this blog ,so if you want some I can offer in a special price as the table below.
This is a 3rd class Thai Airborne Badge with the box and good for giving a gift for someone or personal collection.

Price: 17$ (Inc.Shipment)
How to order and pay
pay to my paypal account :
The goods will be send within 2-3 days by Thailand international post.(Approx. 7-10 days)
After that inform me about the payment by sending email to :


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